The Coconutfish Foundation

The Coconutfish Foundation is a non-profit organization with the objective to facilitate intercultural exchange and dissemination of knowledge through the funding of volunteer projects.

The work is done under the auspices of Lao Tzu's famous saying "Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime"

Our vision is to spread knowledge and eradicate fear. To create a world where people feel themselves useful rather than like used fools and where brothers and sisters come together in harmony.

The Coconut is one of the most valued foods in the world and it is most readily available in parts of the world where knowledge in its more modern form is the most scarce, while the most modern knowledge is concentrated in areas where the Coconut is hardly found at all and where people eat the most unhealthy diets possible.

We hope to facilitate interchange and to inspire people of all nations and cultures to grow, live lives more healthy and balanced and to love ourselves more fully

It all starts with the Coconut.

Children associated with rehabilitation centres, orphanages and selected UNICEF habilitation projects are invited to collect, prepare and paint Coconut fishes of there own fashion. The Coconut fishes are collected at the centres where the artists receive a cash reward. The Coconut fishes of the highest standards are then exhibited and sold at Museums of Modern Art in major cities around the world. The remaining objects are sold through a flower shop network as a new allergy-free product "The Dry Aquarium Decoration".

The proceeds will fund transport, equipment and room and board for volunteer projects requested by the participating organisations. Volunteers will be contracted among middle-aged, well-educated inhabitants of the so called "First World". People with lots of knowledge and in most cases less of real life experiences for a win win project.

The launching of the CFF is in its initial phase. The board, sponsors and participating organisation are now being invited to take part. As soon as the first exhibition is on its way, volunteers will be invited to send in their applications.