The Volunteers

The first world, where ever it is placed, in the northern or southern hemisphere, has a lot of well-educated single men and women between 30-50. Many of them feel an increasing degree of unhappiness and disorientation. The increasing aggressiveness of the materialistic society many times denies them genuine security and true hope. The CFF would like to offer them an inspiring incentive for personal growth and a vision of fully restored self-reliance and faith in the beauty and perfection of our world.


As a volunteer you will be offered a package including these features:

One-way ticket to paradise (You need to buy the ticket onwards or home)

All documents for your Visa process (You need to handle it and pay for it)

Introductory weekend course (You need only to show up)

All documentation needed, to rent out your apartment.(If you still have one)


At the place of service

Single or double room accommodation (depending on location)

Full or half board (depending on location)

All equipments needed for performing the proposed task


Each registration/application is charged (non-refundable) 80 Euro

As we see it, this will give people with real confidence in their abilities the incentive to apply.

The above mentioned costs associated with your trip are covered buy CFF in return for your full-hearted engagement in the task proposed.


CFF is in genral looking for people with the following professions:

Construction workers, technicans and engineers.

Water cleaning, Sanitation experts.

Ayurvedic or other alternative health consultants.

Language & Computer teachers.



But each project will publish detailed lists of skills and qualifications sought after.